DECANI decani
SOPOCANI sopocani
KALENIC kalenic
LAZARICA lazarica

About the collection:

Even though architectural monuments of medieval Serbian culture and religion were created within the framework of Byzantine art, they are considered unique, mostly due to the independent historical growth of the Serbian Orthodox Church and state. This jewelry is an artistic interpretation of decorative elements which could be found on the walls of our monasteries or inside of them.

The idea for the collection Medieval Serbian Ornaments came from the illustrations and drawings of decorative architectural elements from our monasteries. The ornaments chosen for this jewelry belong to the several monasteries, and they were originally made of stone, copper or simply painted on the walls. These monasteries were built in the late 13th till the early 15th century: Pecka patrijarsija, Decani, Kalenic, Sopocani, Lazarica…

The author`s intention was to inform or remind the public of the value of Serbian Medieval Art and to present its fragments in a form of jewelery. The collection has its original packaging and written explanation both in English and Serbian.

Maintenance: This jewelry is made of zink, silverplated and patinated, except for a few models which are made of silver. Polish it with care once a year with toothpaste and wash after a minute, then dry using a soft cloth. It should be kept in a box, because silver tends to oxidize with time.

Total design of the collection by MA Aleksandra Mitrovic. Modelling by MA Milijana Lazic and “Predrag i Nenad”. In 2011, the collection was partially presented in the calendar Miraculous Serbia, produced by SERBIAN CENTER FOR COOPERATION.

Three percent of the sales goes to the monasteries.